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Babin Zub

Babin Zub is a massive peak in the Stara Planina mountain in south-east Serbia. The summit culminates at an altitude of 1780 m.

The Summit Babin Zub (english: Grandma Tooth) has the distinction of having a vertical form, similar to the shape of a tooth, which explains its name.

Ski centre Babin Zub is located on Stara Planina, one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia and the Balkans.

Currently small ski resort is developed on the slopes of the mountain. A modern four seat lift with capacity of 1500 skiers per hour was built in 2006 in Konjarnik location.

Babin zub ski centre also has available ski lift of T-bar type Suncana Dolina capacity 1200 skiers per hour and a baby ski lift Markova Livada.

Babin Zub resort has indisputable potential for development of both winter and summer tourism. The climate of Stara planina is continental-mountain with snow covering during five months of the year. It is an exceptional potential for development and construction of world standard ski resorts.

An ambitious project for development of the ski area is estimated at nearly 250 million euros and it should be completed by 2015. By development of ski lift and ski tracks network, accommodation capacitiy and other infrastructure, Babin Zub - Stara Planina will soon become one of the largest and most prominent ski resorts in Serbia, especially dedicated to ski sports and quality skiing lovers in the environment of exceptional beauty and intact nature.

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